Gold Coast Tourist Information Centre

Australia’s Gold Coast is one of the most beloved vacation destinations in the the world and for good reason. This modern city full of friendly people and welcoming businesses is culturally rich and possesses many touristy activities to keep people busy. There is something for the everyone, whether mature or young. Whether you’re a shopper or a surfer, the opportunities are ripe on the Gold Coast.

Sometimes referred to as the “Surfer’s Paradise”, this area is known for it’s incredible waves and fabulous beachfronts. Whether you like to surf, or simply lay out in the sun and let go of every thought of the real world back home, you’ll enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the white sands. National parks offer another open door for exploring the beauty of the land and learning about its rich history.

Gold Coast is always humming with excitement and there seems to be a festival of some sort always going on. Australia loves to celebrating athleticism, so sporting events are common and very fun.

There are several enchanting theme parks to delight those who visit Gold Coast. The two most popular are Sea World and Dreamworld. At Sea World families can meet some of the most amazing ocean wildlife up close and personal. The kids will also love all of the thrilling rides and attractions at Dreamworld. One might want to plan a day to spend at each of these wonderful places.

For the couple looking to get away from the monotony of every day life, check into the enRich Retreat and Spa and wash your worries away. Perhaps visit the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and learn all about the unique and marvelous creatures that call Australia their home. There’s no end to the list of things to do in Gold Coast, so plan to spend plenty of time in this impressive city.

Shoppers should be prepared for the vast array of great shopping experiences one might have in Gold Coast. From designer shops with the latest in fashion, to the quaint shops offering a taste of Australia to take back to friends and family, you could spend days just hopping from store to store. Of course you’ll then be hungry and want to dine in one of Gold Coast’s most delightful restaurants such as the Safe Cafe Restaurant, the Yellowfin Seafood Restaurant and the Ribs and Rumps Marina Mirage.

There are many options when it comes to accommodations, depending on how you like to travel. Hostels and youth camps are available are low costs all year long. One can stay in one of the elegant hotels in the city or along the beachfront. Apartments are also available for those wishing to settle in for a longer stay.