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December 4, 2012
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Tamborine Mountain Attractions

Australia’s Tamborine Mountain is a destination located on the Gold Coast. The mountain is located on the northern side and opens up a whole new world aside from the beachside lifestyle of the Gold Coast. When staying at Tamborine Mountain, holidaymakers will find a mountain-side escape that is only 40 minutes drive from beaches, nightlife and shopping. Tamborine Mountain accommodation options are numerous and will have guests staying amid picturesque surroundings.


* Gallery Walk
The Gallery Walk is a main feature in Tamborine and gives tourists the chance to see the culture and charm of the mountain. Along the walk, find art galleries, fudge stores, a charming clock shop, fashion houses, cooking schools and a number of craft stores.





Guests to Tamborine Mountain will have the opportunity to enjoy a bush walk amongst the unspoilt natural beauty. Some are guided walks and others allow for the opportunity to explore uninhibited. Additionally, the destination tempts gardeners from all over the world to visit and hone their horticultural skills.





Guests who prefer a quiet holiday will find a range of relaxation and retreat experiences on offer on Tamborine including massages, health retreats, yoga and pilates classes and much more. There is even the option to enjoy spending an afternoon listening to one of the many musical groups who perform at the mountain.





*Family Activities
Parents who bring their children to the mountain will appreciate the local activities such as soccer, cricket and football. The large open grassy space are perfect for this and offer a change of pace for all. Furthermore, the Tamborine Mountain Golf Course offers remarkable scenery and a challenging day spent golfing. As holiday seekers travel further down the Gold Coast, they’ll find activities such as the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, family oriented theme parks and Infinity’s challenging maze.





*Romantic Activities
Adventurous couples visiting the Gold Coast during a romantic holiday will value a hot air balloon ride. With the incredible view available from the balloon basket, couples will marvel at the sights that stretch from Brisbane to Byron. Balloon rides begin in the early morning with sunset vistas, and couples will enjoy the breakfast included at one of the resorts along with a glass of calming champagne.



The natural environment of Tamborine Mountain is waiting to enthrall travelers and create lifelong holiday memories.